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Hunt Bezoar Ibex in Turkey

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As a big game animal, Bezoar ( Capra Aegagrus Aegagrus ) rank up there with the best and is one of the most sought after trophy animals in the hunting world. Being spectacularly beautiful, with long sweeping scimitar shaped horns that grow up to 50’’ or even bigger in extreme cases, it is considered by many to be the best looking of all the ibex family.

For more than a period of three decades, Turkey has hosted trophy hunters from all over the world, who were in pursuit of this elusive animal and today is considered to be the number 1 destination available for trophy hunters.

Bezoar maintained good numbers throughout the country and widely spread along the Taurus range that extends from western Mediterranean all the way through east. Different populations are also found in almost all high and extensive mountain masses of eastern Anatolia. There are about 40 different spots in Turkey, where ibex hunting is allowed for trophy hunters.

Like any other wild goat, Bezoar is a dweller of steep terrain and generally inhabits the alpine zone of the mountains. But since steepness has got nothing to do with altitude, Bezoar also occurs even at low altitudes along the Mediterranean coast. It is possible to find them at any altitude between 2400’ to 9000’.

As each area has its own characteristics, the ways the hunts are carried out also vary, but as a general rule, the hunts are almost always conducted on foot although some driving may be in order. Accommodations differ from one area to another. While in some areas it is possible for our hunters to be accommodated in the best nearby hotels or village houses, in others, it has to be roughed by staying in tented camps or small hunting cabins.

Rut for Bezoar may vary from area to area by a week or ten days as the latitude and altitude plays a major role. But as a general rule it starts by the end of November and may run until early January. It is possible to get some outstanding results during late season when Bezoar form bachelor groups once the rut is over. Bezoar hunts come to an end by March 31. 




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