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Hunting in Romania

Romania is by far home to the largest population of Brown bears on the continent, outside Russia. The estimated number was around 8000 in the early 90's.

Romania holds not only the largest and densest population of all but also the top ten trophies in CIC record book. 

Bears can be hunted over bait or on drives. But baiting them proved to be the most efficient method over the years, especially for the trophy quality.

Caprinae Safaris arranged substantial successful Brown Bear hunts in the area. 

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Hunting in Romania



Although there are two principle species of wild sheep in Iran, Ovis vignei (urial) and Ovis gmelini (mouflon,) various hybrid populations spread across all mountainous habitats of the country. Morphological variety among different populations and even between individuals of the same population has for long been one of the most controversial biological topics in scientific classification of wild sheep population in Iran. Many of these populations are now isolated due to the development of human activity and are considered to be different subspecies for record keeping purposes. Iran’s wide array of wildlife and unsurpassed historic and natural beauty makes it a perfect destination for your next hunting adventure. From hunting the magnificent Trans Caspian Urial to numerous mouflon subspecies, here you can collect eight separate sheep along with two different ibex subspecies. Very few countries in Asia –if any- provides hunters with as many species of mountain game as Iran does. Although Iran has been open to the hunting world quite sometimes, only recently it has opened its doors to the American sportsmen. So some of the finest mountain hunting in the world is now available to the most devoted and unwavering hunters with US passport. 


There are no direct flights to Tehran from North America or Australia. However there are flights direct from numerous European and Asian cities as well as cities in Middle East. Iran Air, the national carrier of the country flies to many destinations such as London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Istanbul and Tokyo. Alternatively one can take a Turkish airlines flight all the way to Tehran via Istanbul or Emirates flight via Dubai. You will be met by our representative once you landed Tehran. After all the customs formalities are done, you will either take another flight or car ride –or both - which will transfer you to the hunting area. Since the areas for different species vary, distances and the spent time can also alter accordingly.


Sheep and ibex have a wide distribution in the country and is hunted in many areas throughout. Most sheep in Iran live in hilly terrain at not very high elevations. Most hunts are carried out at the altitudes between 6000-10500 feet (2000-3500mt.) with the majority being at about 8200 feet (2500mt) Therefore altitude has never been an issue while hunting mouflon and urial species. As with all other sheep hunting, spotting & stalking type of hunt is the main method. Some short drives on a 4x4 vehicle can be applicable in order to locate the animals.


The hunting season in Iran runs from October through March. For rutting time for sheep is in November and for ibex is December, these months are considered to be the best for a better chance for big males. On the other hand, in practise our hunters have had successful hunts even in other periods.

Although it is hard to make a general statement about weather conditions, the temperature should be around 20-25Celcius in October. Later on in the season weather gets cooler especially in northern areas of the country. Almost in all areas lodging is done in guest houses the game department provides for hunters. These are clean but simple concrete-block buildings that are furnished with bad & blanket and hot shower. All of them have 220V electricity while most areas have network coverage for cell phone.


Iran game law allows 5 hunting days for each species, although most hunts can practically be completed in 3-4 days.

Day 01. Arrival to Tehran and transfer to the area.

Day 02-06. Hunt sheep or ibex.

Day 07. Transfer to either Tehran or another area if other species to be hunted.

Grab your Carpathian Brown Bear with Caprinae Safaris.
An award winning, world class outfitter from Turkey!
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