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Hunt Carpathian Chamois in Romania

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Carpathian chamois is only indigenous to Carpathian Mountains of Romania and can be hunted only in this country. This subspecies is the biggest of all the rupicapra family in terms of both trophy size and body size.

Our hunts take place in Transylvania, a region rich in culture, tradition; dwelled by friendly and hospitable people. Since the area is a touristic resort and quality accommodation is available, we welcome our guests in classy hotels.

The hunting areas lie usually at around only 6000 feet and may rise up to 7000 feet and can be reached mainly on horse back in some parts of the range. It is possible to drive some of the way in some of the areas. But the rest of the hunt is carried out on foot. Carpathian chamois hunting in this part of the country can be considered some of the easiest mountain hunting anywhere. Our chamois hunts usually end on the first day of the hunt which leaves our clients with an oportunity to enjoy themselves with sightseeing in this pretty part of the country. Some of the best attactions the area offers is the count Dracula's castle and the hunting museum that displayes the trophies of country's former dictator Chavushescu. 

Winter arrives early to Carpathian Mountains, jeopardizing hunting plans. Therefore, early hunts are recommended. Best time is between Mid-October and Mid-November when the rutting season is on although hunts in earlier periods successfully be completed as well. However, from late November onwards, Romanian officials likely to call the Carpathian chamois season off if the area receives heavy snow fall.  

This hunt can be combined with a European Brown bear hunt in the same general area.





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