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Hunt Dagestan Tur (Eastern Tur) in Azerbaijan

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The Republic of Azerbaijan, located in the south-eastern Caucasus, is home to the Eastern Tur. Only here, in the far east of the Caucasus, lives the purebred Eastern Tur, which is also known to the international trophy hunters as the Dagestan Tur. With sheep-analogue horns and a goat-like poise, the animal has the nature of a cross between a sheep and a wild goat. The lack of any scientific research regarding the species renders it further difficult for authorities to classify this ambiguous game animal. Nevertheless, the species counts for both Ovis and Capra Slams.

Dagestan Tur inhabits the mountains of Azerbaijan at elevations between 7500- 11500' (2300-3500). We set up tent camps on suitable locations to be used as base camps. Some small cabins can also be utilized for the same reason. The camping areas can be reached on horse back and will take 3-7 hours from a town named Sheki, depending on the camp chosen. Dagestan Tur hunt may require extensive physical activity as most places can be reached only on foot. So as a general rule, hunters are required to hunt on foot although there may be some exceptions to the rule where horses can also be used in order to cover and glass more ground. Located close to the top of the mountain, only one of our six camps facilitiates us to ride the horses while hunting.

For the hunters who are not really in good physical shape for these challenging mountains, we recommend early season hunts in April and May when the Tur will be found at much lower altitudes. Our well established blinds closed to salt licks empower the hunters fulfil their dream trophy with only one well aimed shot. The season for Dagestan Tur hunt starts as early as April and runs through the end of the year. These late season hunts can be treacherous when the fozen snow gets icy on the steep hills and should be avoided. Therefore we don't conduct Dagestan Tur hunts in Azerbaijan any later than mid October. 
In the areas we prefer to hunt, animals are in healthy numbers and hunters can expect to see a good number of representative sized rams every day. It is not uncommon to observe big groups of Tur, consisting of 50-200 rams. Average horn length should be considered at 30’’- 32’’, though bigger ones are up for grabs for those who are enthusiastic enough to put in the extra effort to collect them.   

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