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Hunt European Brown Bear in Romania

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Romania is by far home to the largest population of Brown bears on the continent, outside Russia. 47 percent of the whole European bear population inhabits Carpathian mountains and the Transylvanian Alps. The estimated number was around 8000 in the early 90's.

Romania holds not only the largest and densest population of all but also the top ten trophies in CIC record book. Here, bears are measured and recorded according to CIC system which is quite popular in most European hunting destinations.

Bears can be hunted over bait or on drives. But baiting them proved to be the most efficient method over the years, especially for the trophy quality. A number of guns are required for successful drives. What is fun about drives for the hunters is the possibility to shoot other game animals, like red deer, wolf and wild boar. European brown bears can be hunted in fall or spring time. But spring hunts seem to be more advantageous as the hunter will not be limited to the last few hours of the day, since the bears come out of hybernation and wanders around in broad day light too. Spring hunts can also be combined with roe deer.

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