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Hunting in Mongolia

Mongolia is a unique country that offers a big variety of hunting opportunities and by far, the primary destination for a premier argali hunting.

Although Gobi argali is very similar to Altai argali, it is considerably smaller in both body and horn size.

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Hunting in Mongolia

Gobi Desert


Mongolia is a unique country that offers a big variety of hunting opportunities and by far, the primary destination for a premier argali hunting. Amongst all the variety the country accommodates for the hunters, no doubt, Argalis are the most sought after for the sheep hunting society.

Although Gobi argali is very similar to Altai argali, it is considerably smaller in both body and horn size. In fact Gobi argali is the smallest one among all three subspecies of Mongolia argalis. Although Gobi argali shows some similarities to Gansu argali, it is considered to be a different subspecies.


Ulaanbaatar can be reached from any major European cities mainly via Moscow or Istanbul as both Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines have direct flights for the Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ULN) which is the only port of entry to the country. For American and Mexican clients Seoul or Beijin may be another good option to consider. Korean Air and Air China fly to ULN regularly.

Upon your arrival to the country you will be met by our company representative at the airport and may be taken to the hotel to rest and overnight. Next day a flight of nearly 1 hour 30 minutes is in order to reach a town called Dalanzadgad. Here the hunter takes another 2.5 - 3 hours ride to reach the camp.


Gobi argali is located in the south central portion of Mongolia. Steppecovered valleys with rocky outcrops and the spectacular mountains of the Gobi desert form these majestic animals’ habitat. The camp is situated approximately 150 km of Dalanjargalan and the elevations vary around 2000 meters. In contrast to horseback hunting in some of the West Altai region, Gobi argali and ibex are hunted mostly by driving around in jeeps until spotting the game. Last stalk is done on foot once the a ram of suitable size is located.


Gobi argali inhabits the hilly desert region of south and south-western Mongolia. Here the argali populations are distributed in hilly terrain at the elevations of 2000 – 2500 meters. The pre-scouting done by the guides prior to hunt determines the immediate hunting area. 4x4 trucks are used during the hunt in order to search the vast terrain and endless hours spend by glassing to spot a good size ram. Last stalk that brings the hunter within the shooting distance is executed on foot once the ram of desired size is located. Traditional style dome-shaped yurts are used to accommodate hunters. Also called yurtta by Russians these tents are made of felt and big enough to lodge a whole Mongolian family.


13 days are required for this Gobi argali program with which 2 days (1 day in and 1 day out) reserved for travelling and 1 day spent in UB). On the other hand the hunt can be practically completed in 4-5 days due to pre-scouting efforts of local guides prior to hunt. However it is our company policy to reserve 9 actual hunting days for the hunt to be on the safe side.

Day 01. Arrival to Ulaanbaatar and overnight.

Day 02. Transfer to the hunting area.

Day 03-11. Hunt Gobi Argali (9 days hunt).

Day 12. Return back to U.B.

Day 13. Departure for home.


Argalis in Mongolia are in CITES II. All US clients are required to apply for their import permits in advance by themselves and applications must be done to USFWS by May 01st.

Grab your Gobi Argali with Caprinae Safaris.
An award winning, world class outfitter from Turkey!
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