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Hunting in Mongolia

Argali in central Mongolia inhabit rocky mountains of Hangai range, the largest mountain chain of Mongolia. Hangai Argali is categorized as an intermediate subspecies between Altai and Gobi

The areas Caprinae Safaris hunts Hangai argali are within easy reach from the capitol city of Ulan Batoor

With many years of experience in Mongolia, Caprinae Safaris offers you a remarkable hunting adventure that you can collect memories to take home with you.

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Hunting in Mongolia

Hangay Region


Mongolia is a unique country that offers a big variety of hunting opportunities. But amongst all the variety the country accommodates for the hunters, no doubt, Argalis are the most sought after for the sheep hunting society. Although it has not been scientifically proven as a separate species yet, Hangay argali category was recognized for record keeping purposes by SCI back in 1997. Before separated as a different category Hangay hunts were sold as either low quality Altay argali hunts at cheaper rates or as very large Gobi Argalis at very high prices. Once called mid-Altay, today Hangay argali is recognized as a separate subspecies also by Grand Slam Club Ovis.


Ulaanbaatar can be reached from any major European cities mainly via Moscow or Istanbul as both Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines have direct flights for the Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ULN) which is the only port of entry to the country. For American and Mexican clients Seoul or Beijin may be another good option to consider. Korean Air and Air China fly to ULN regularly.

Upon your arrival to the country you will be met by our company representative at the airport and be taken to the hotel to rest and overnight. Next day our hunting party will leave U.B. for the camp in the morning. One of the two areas we hunt can be reached by a 4-5 hour comfortable ride mainly on dirt roads. Other area requires a 31/2 hour flight which will be followed by a 3 hour car ride. Our partners in Mongolia uses comfortable 4x4 Toyota and Nissan trucks for transfers and also during the hunt.


Hangay argali is indigenous to Hangay Mountains of central Mongolia and can be hunted throughout. Our outfitter’s camps are located at several different locations scattered along the range but mostly situated south of towns of Bayannuur and Lun. The average altitude in the area is at about 1000 meters.

The hunting is typically done by driving around in jeeps trying to locate the rams. This goes on until a ram of desired size is spotted. Then a last stalk will be in order until the hunter is within shooting distance.


The season runs from July 1st to September 30th, best time being the latest period. The weather conditions in earlier periods are warm and nice. Later on in season the weather tends to turn cooler and rainy.

Traditional style dome-shaped yurts are used to accommodate hunters. Also called yurtta by Russians these tents are made of felt and big enough to lodge a whole Mongolian family.


7 actual hunting days are required for Hangay argali hunt, although it can be practically completed in 3-4 days. However it is our company policy to reserve 7 days to be on the safe side.

Day 01. Arrival to the capitol city Ulaanbaatar and overnight.

Day 02. Transfer to the hunting area.

Day 03-09. Hunt Hangai argali (7 days hunt).

Day 10. Return back to U.B.

Day 11. Departure for home.

Grab your Hangay Argali with Caprinae Safaris.
An award winning, world class outfitter from Turkey!
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