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Hunt Himalayan Ibex in Pakistan

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Having a fairly widespread population across the higher mountain ranges of northern Pakistan, Himalayan ibex hunting can be carried out in several different Community Controlled Hunting Areas throughout the Himalayan mountain range. Himalayan ibex is a dweller of high alpine zone and can be found at altitudes of 10.000 – 16.000’ (3000-4800m). It has a wider distribution than any other capra species in this region and is found in large numbers. 

Himalayan ibex population of the Capra family resembles the Mid Asian ibex phenotype in body and horn formation, though apparently somewhat smaller overall. Horn length of 36 -37’’ should be considered as average while anything that exceeds the 40 inch mark is a good size ibex. There is no record of a 50 inch Himalayan ibex taken by a trophy hunter in recent years although one can observe such pick up trophies in local households. 

Early season hunts in December and early January are advisable as well as late season hunts in mid March to mid April period. Getting to the hunting area in January and February can be negatively and largely affected due to cancelled or delayed flights which makes the early and late season hunts advantageous. Today as in the past, an ibex hunting trip to the heart of the Himalayas entails a mini expedition as the country is extremely remote and largely unaffected by modern civilization.

As a general rule accommodations mostly consist of village houses with basic facilities and clean rooms. In some cases shepherd huts or tents can be used as fly camps, if necessary. Hunters can get a very good opportunity to have a better understanding of Pakistani culture in these villages. People are very friendly and wellcoming as the hospitality is a way of life with these native people who lived in this isolated part of the world for centruies. 


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