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Hunt Hybrid Bezoar Ibex in Turkey

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A cross-breed between Bezoar ibex and domestic goat, what we call Hybrid ibex has recently been recognized as a subspeciess by both Grand Slam Club Ovis and Safari Club International, but counts only through Capra Super 20 by GSCO. 

Hybrid goat occupies several different localities of only one district of Turkey and share the same habitat with Bezoar ibex in some areas. Nevertheles, they also live in completely isolated populations. Despite of the fact that there is no uniformity to decsribe hybrid specimens, features that differentiate hybrid from Bezoar is their big, floppy ears and comparatively longer hair on their body. However, the most prominent difference may be the form of the horns which may flare out distinctively.

Most of the areas offer easy hunting as the terrain is moderately easy. The elevations in different locations varies between 3600-6500 feet (1100-2000 m.) We accommodate our guests in a four star hotel which is the best available in the area. 

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