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Hunting in Tajikistan

Hunting in Tajikistan
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Having a Persian cultural heritage, Tajikistan is the only CIS country, whose population is not of Turkic origin. This landlocked, mostly mountainous country in the heart of Central Asia constitutes one of the most inaccessible areas in the world, giving its visitors an inescapable sense of remoteness. Once, described as “one of world’s best kept secrets”, Pamir Mountains are the most dominant feature in the Republic of Tajikistan. Called “Bom-i-Dunyo” by the natives, meaning “Roof of the World”, the Pamirs draw the southern boundary of Central Asia, probably the most fascinating region in the whole continent of Euroasia and the least developed one from a touristic point of view. The famed Wakhan corridor that served as a buffer zone for hundreds of years between British India and Tsarist Russia occupies a great portion of the land. As wide as ten miles in some parts, this isolated wilderness with a history of romance and adventure is now one of the biggest refuges of the Pamir argali with big trophies.

The Pamir occupies 93 % of Tajikistan and almost half of the country lies at an elevation higher than 9000 feet. 50 peaks over 18000 feet embrace the sky. Back in the Soviet era, it was so dangerous for the airliners to fly to and from Tajikistan with the two highest peaks in the whole USSR in the way that, this was the only flight route on which Aeroflot pilots received a hazard bonus. This sparsely populated vast mountain range is considered to be an important reservoir of endemic animals such as fabled Marco Polo sheep. The world has been intrigued by this magnificent animal, ever since the noted traveler Marco Polo crossed this windswept beauty of high mountains and valleys, in the 13th Century AD. As intact as it was back then, the Pamir, where, in the words of Marco Polo himself, “the men do not bother themselves about anything but hunting and warfare and falconry”, awaits.

Seize the opportunity to hunt this outlandish region with many unknown and unconquered valleys and peaks, where the most sought after game animal on the face of the earth, the Ovis Ammon Polii, roams freely.

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