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Hunting in Turkey

Hunting in Turkey
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Borders of Turkey overlap with the Anatolian Peninsula, previously known as Asia Minor, the land of sun and history. It is one of the rare places in the world, which has been inhabited since time immemorial, for it has offered the perfect setting for countless great civilizations to bloom. It is a region that is replete with natural wonders and heritage across millennia. Turkey owes its natural and historical opulence to its unique geographical location, a crossroads at which many different civilizations and species met and interfused, forming uniqueness out of diversity.

According to many scientists, the significance of Turkey, as far as trophy hunting is concerned, is this very biodiversity. The most important natural asset of Turkey is not its mines, dams or its developing tourism; but the gene pool of the numerous animal and plant species, which came into creation through years of meticulous evolution as distinct breeds came to, settled on and intermingled in this hospitable land. Since the topographic structure of Turkey varies, and in turn causes its ecological factors to alternate over short distances, species have also varied greatly. The country is a land rich in game, both in kind and abundance. Not only does Turkey offer favorite game birds to the hunters, but also big game animals such as ibex, chamois, mouflon, red deer, roe deer, wild boar and wolfs. Turkey is a country which protected its natural environment contrary to what many critics say. Many species, which have been conserved only artificially with the employment of special measures in other countries, are still living in the wild in the full beauty of their natural habitat in many localities of Anatolia.

The land which for thousands of years served Sultans, kings and rulers as hunting grounds, still has a lot to offer to those who want to collect the bounty. What is more, you do not have to be royalty to hunt in these grounds anymore, yet you certainly will be welcomed like one. Do not miss this unique chance that is closer to you than ever, thanks to Caprinae. Come to Turkey, and kill two birds with one stone; learn about and enjoy wildlife and culture, while hunting safely and to your satisfaction.

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