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Hunt Sindh Ibex in Pakistan

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Until recently Sind ibex along with Blanford urial was focal species of limited trophy hunting organized by the Bhootani family who used majority of the revenues of hunting to fund their conservation project in Dureji area. Thanks to family’s relentless efforts that lasted for decades, population of this ibex subspecies multiplied rapidly in the Dureji Game Department Area. Today Sind ibex population in the Kirthar mountains is healthier than ever and an helicopter survey conducted in 2000 revealed an estimate of approximately 13,000 individuals.

Once limited by a few permits only, opening of a new area a few years ago that is adjacent to Dureji Game Management Area enabled more and more trophy hunters from all over the world to go and hunt these elusive animal in southern part of Pakistan. These recent development enabled us to offer more hunts in two different areas which are equally good in terms of population and the trophy quality.

Both areas can be reached from Karachi airport in about three hours by following a mostly asphalt road. The hunters are received in one of the houses built for the guests by the family that ruled the area for many centuries. These are probably some of the most luxurious hunting accommodations one can ever enjoy anywhere in Asia.

Sind ibex shares the same habitat with Blanford urial in many parts of this gigantic amount of land. So it is not so uncommon to collect both animals in a single day when the hunter is not so particular about the trophy size. Even for the those who are picky, the quality of both areas provides them with huge billies that are hard to turn down making majority of our hunts end in a single hunting day.

Sind ibex and Blanford urial hunts can be rated as some of the easiest mountain hunting anywhere in the world. A few exception aside, mountains are not rough and merciless. Most parts present road access for an easier hunt and can be reached by riding in a four wheel drive truck all the way to the top. The highest point in the area is 3000 (900m) feet while most of the hunting takes place at the altitude of 600-2100’ (200-650m)

The average horn length for the Sind ibex should be considered to be at around 36-37”. But expecting bigger trophy size is not so unrealistic since the trophy quality is getting better and better each year. Clients of Caprinae Safaris collected a good number of top ten and even top five trophies in the past five years. We are certain that future hunts in these areas will produce new world record trophies.

Due to generally hot weather conditions in the area, early season hunts in mid December to mid January are ideal. Temperature will be lower at this time of the year which helps hunting considerably. Hunts also can successfully be carried out until the season ends by the end of March but high temperature may limit the animal activities during the day to some extend.   

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