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Hunting in Turkey

When it comes to hog hunting, Turkey is unsurpassed in terms of both population and trophy quality in Europe and Asia. As much as it is a rarity, tusks measuring up to 30 cm have been collected on several occasions.

For individuals who hunt for the size, stalking in moonlight is a more productive way to hunt. For those who seek the company of fellow hunters as well as the joy of hunting, driven hunts can also be organized. 

Turkey’s award winning Caprinae Safaris offers you the best guides and superb trophy quality.


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Hunting in Turkey

All over Turkey


Turkey is the best place to hunt wild boar in Europe and Asia. Hog hunting is available in all over Turkey with great population and high trophy quality. These significant features of the wild hog, presents nice hunts and brings great success. In the mountains and hills, boars find ideal habitats with plenty of walnut trees and hazel bushes, which provide excellent feeding grounds for wild boars.

Although wild boar population is very good in all parts of Turkey, some areas stand out with its big tusks. These wild hog hunting areas are mainly accepted as; Black Sea Region (North of Turkey), Central Anatolia- Ankara (capital) & Bolu and Mediterranean Coast of Turkey (south). Big tusks in some specific areas have made Turkey a well known wild boar destination and it seems like some new exceptional areas that are added recently into our wild boar hunting areas, will take these features of Turkey further. Turkish boars are not only heavy at body weight, but posses also exceptionally strong tusks. The average length of boar tusks is 18 to 22 cm, with high-class being 23-32 cm. Every year our hunters harvest very good number of big tusks, some of which are gold-medal trophies between 24 and 31 cm.

There are two Anatolian boar hunting styles; stalking & driven. The hunter can either wait at feeding grounds or water holes, or stalk along agricultural fields. It’s realistic to expect three to five strong boars in 5 hunting days and with some luck, even more. If driven is taken, best time to hunt hogs is between September & March.

Caprinae Safaris has already arranged hundreds of successful wild boar hunting trips in Turkey. Choose us; one of the best hog hunting outfitters in Europe and Asia. Our guided boar hunts will provide you a breathtaking hunting experience.

Note that you can bring your bow with you too since Caprinae Safaris is a bow hunting friendly company.


For Mediterranean Coast, south of Turkey, hunters need to fly to Antalya as last destination while they need to fly to Ankara for Black Sea Region of Turkey and Central Anatolia. As there are direct and daily flights of Turkish Airlines to Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya from major European cities, travelling is very easy and short. From closest airport, areas take 1 to 4 hours drive depending on the location.


As wild boar habitat in the mountains consisted of plenty of oak trees, pine trees, hazel bushes and agriculture fields, the altitude are not high. The average altitude of the areas are 1000–2000 mt.

Hunters that are keen on big tusks are strongly recommended to have stalking & high seat type hunt in moonlight hunts. Some of our areas with their high seat places, have very suitable structure for stalking and are promising an exceptional stalking hunting.

Although the average is around 18-22 cm, it is not uncommon to get very big tusks like 25 cm and bigger. A hunter with good shooting skill, can get 3-5 or more big tusks during a standard stalking hunt (5 days) programme. The other method of wild boar hunting is driven type hunting. Even though the areas for driven hunts lie in remote, but beautiful mountainous areas, these are well accessible by paths, so the transfers from stand to stand can be done with vehicles. This means even older and less sportive hunters can participate in this hunt. As all areas are free range, hunting success and daily bags are essentially dependant on the shooting skills of the hunter especially, during the driven hunt. A skilled group can surely achieve outstanding results in such a driven hunt. As you surely know, these wild mountain areas are not only known for their huge daily bags, but also for their exceptionally strong boars (even top-class with 21-27 cm) and their high percentage of old and huge females. 


Turkish Game Department allows wild boar hunting all over the year and best times rise up as moonlight periods of the months for stalking type, while any month from September thru March is suitable for driven type of hunting.

The weather changes depending on the season and during the summer time the weather is like around 15-20 C during the night at stalking hunt while it could be warmer during the day if driven is taken. In the winter time the weather is quite cool, sometimes around 0 - +5 C level.

The specific information can only be given when the dates and the area are certain.

Accommodation is at 2-3 star hotels depending on the area chosen and sometimes hunting lodges are used with satisfactory facilities.


Our standard programs for stalking hunts cover 5 days hunt requiring 7 days totally including travels. A tentative itinerary could be as follows;

Day 01. Arrival in either Istanbul or Ankara (capital) or Antalya (Southern city), drive to the hotel in the area. 

Day 02-06. Hunt wild boar 

Day 07. Drive back to airport and fly home.

When hunters arrive in closest airport, they will never be alone until they depart from Turkey and rifle handling and custom work are done by our guides.


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Grab your Wild Boar with Caprinae Safaris.
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